About Blansett

Blansett pharmacal is a specialty pharma company that primary activity is in developing and commercializing products for the treatment of skin related illnesses such as in controlling inflammation and infection topically. Blansett was issued two patents in 2004 in the development of a new shelf-stable aqueous solvent mixture for corticosteroids for ear administration. The company also developed a new buffer system to assist in maintaining the vaginal pH within the normal range. Products are distributed nationally through authorized wholesale drug companies.

Larry Blansett has over 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He is the founder, president/CEO of Blansett Pharmacal Co., Inc. Prior to Blansett, he co-founded and was president of UAD Laboratories in 1972; a company focused on developing and commercializing oral analgesics that included Lorcet® HD, and Lorcet® Plus, and the Endal®  line of respiratory products. UAD was purchased by Forrest Pharma in 1988. Larry began his career at Rucker Pharmacal where he served in sales, and sales management positions including Division Sales Manager. At this position, he developed and supervised sales representatives and managers of new sales territories from Arkansas to Canada and east to the coast. Rucker was purchased by Boots, LTD of Great Britain following the development of ibuprofen in 1978.

Blansett Pharmacal specializes in products to control inflammation and infection topically when the use of antibiotics may not be necessary. This includes Cortane-B® Otic, Cortane-B® Aqueous, Cortane-B® Lotion, and Relagard® Therapeutic Vaginal Gel.

Larry has served as chairman of the legal and legislative committee, and board member of NPA and chairman of the Washington Task Force of BPA. He has held membership in the Food & Drug Law Institute (FDLI).